• These aren't medical grade or N95 face clamping, around-the-head masks (in fact they're labelled non-medical). They're perfectly good though for wearing in public during things like, say, a pandemic. Air can get in and out around the edges, but that's fine if you're just trying to avoid or block direct droplets. The good thing though is it makes it comfortable to breathe, and doesn't fog up your glasses because air can get out the sides. It's folding nature means it can also fit any size head, just pull it up or down more if you need more coverage. Then the elastic around-the-ear parts are covered in a soft cotton and just the right tightness to keep it on solid without pulling on your ears.
  • Wow totally impressed. Was expecting a lesser quality due to the other reviews but I think the manufacturer has improved the thickness of the product in the last few months. These have to be medical grade because they appear to be the same thing as what I got from Dr. They also seem to be thicker than other masks I had. I had masks the doctors office and the feel of the fabric along with the smell of the mask is identical. The smell of a mask really is key to its quality. It has the same smell as the masks I got from my Dr. The color was typical blue and white. The elastic bands looked identical in attachment to the mask. The top has the wire ridge that allows you to conform it to your nose. It also is layered so you can spread it open across your nose and mouth. Just as the photo. They arrived in a plastic bag inside a box that was taped shut. To be extra cautious I put the whole bag on the dashboard of my car to let the sun and heat kill off anything. But that was my own choice. Nothing about the masks made me think I had to take this extra step. I've been wearing them in closed environments from grocery to errands. No issues.
  • Since I had never ordered masks before I was unsure of what I was buying, it's hard to tell what you are getting by a photograph. These masks are not flimsy and are of good quality. They came in a plastic package inside the actual mask box. A lot of people's reviews of other masks mention they only come in plastic so it's worth mentioning. They also came earlier than expected. My order arrived within 4 business days which is fast considering everyone is looking for these. They are comfortable
  • These are good mask. I don't have real issues with them. The price is nice. There are just as good as fabric ones if not better.These have a plastic nose strip. Plastic nose strips don't hold the shape well.I order the metal strips that stick to these mask. Helps shape around the nose better. I wear glasses and these plastic strips don't hold shape well. I found these metal strips on Amazon. They work so well I bought my Mom some and shipped them to her.The mask are good quality for the price. They didn't come in a box. They came in a dispensary bag.
  • I gave one to my sister and one to my Mom. She said she really likes it. No sizing is indicated. It fit my Mom much better than me. A little too small for me. Still overall I would recommend it. The elastic bands are adjustable. I could tell the carbon filter really works cause after I put it on I couldn't smell the onions cooking anymore.By far the best masks I’ve purchased yet. Simple and comfortable with lots of coverage and you can adjust the nose part. I love these
  • This came more quickly than I had expected. I am hyperallergic and have been wearing N95 masks for years to whatever little cleaning I can do. After another 9 months of severe illness e to get around so beeded to buy more so I could clean, when I went back to HD and Lowes to purchase N95 masks they were totally out. When I found this vendor I was SO relieved. They include 2 charcoal filters with each mask. I bought additional filters also. I am buying more because I like using cloth over disposable.
  • Very flexible. The material is breathable enough that I don't feel like I am suffocating. The shape is also really good and it fits over my face very well. I definitely recommend washing them first thing, it helps them fit better and I found they can shrink a bit for a tighter fit on the face.They also are easy to pack up and take on the go and I like the color. It's very simple and sleek and is super useful.
  • I have a pretty fat face, so have trouble buying one-size-fits-all masks, but these fit very well. I can talk or open my mouth a normal a little without it sliding off my nose or chin. The tapered nose fits well and doesnt leave a huge gap (I also have a honker of a nose). The fabric is soft and comfortable, doesnt feel suffocating. I washed in a lingerie bag on warm, and then tumble-dried on medium and there was no shrinkage or damage. No unpleasant smell or feel. Would buy again.
  • These are about half the price per unit my local Walmart is selling their masks for. They are slightly better quality than the ones my workplace gives out for us (no shedding fibers that you can then inhale!) and the ear loops are nice quality with a lot of stretch. Of course no one finds masks like this comfortable, but it is nice to find a kind that's less UNcomfortable.
  • These look nearly identical to a pack of very old masks I still had a few left of. These are more papery and less soft than my older ones, but very similar in design. I think it is the "more crispy" texture that makes it so they gap more at the cheeks and don't adjust over the chin as easily, compared to my old ones. However, they do fit, and the nose piece seems a bit stronger than in my older ones and makes for less breath escaping upwards. (Good for people who wear glasses.)Due to the other comments on these, I went through them all when I got them. Ear loops were all attached properly and appear to be consistent in sizing, including between left/right. Have worn on a day out of shopping with no issues or breakage. I don't know if these have poor quality control and I just got lucky, or ?? Based on the ones I received, I would recommend them.
  • I find these masks to be very comfortable and to have a great fit. The size of the masks and length of the ear loops are just right for me. The three layers make it feel safer than other, thinner masks. They are not scratchy or irritating the skin. They stay in place during all activities. The only thing that bothered me a little is the fold right on the nose, but that might just be my face/nose shape. The crevice is rubbing against the bottom of my nose. If that fold was a little lower, the masks would be perfect. Other than that it’s the best fitting mask I had so far. I recommend the masks to anyone who wants to keep themselves and others safe from spreading germs, people with allergies or people working in dusty environments.
  • I got exactly what I ordered and before date expected. One thing that helped me was the video that shows you how to prepare the mask for wearing with the metal strip for the nose.I would order from this company again.The masks are made in China for your information. It clearly show Chinese language on the package as show on the site.Like I have mentioned, I would not hesitate ordering from this company again.
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